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Research Experience


Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering Department, Isfahan University of Technology.

· Development of agro-based composites

· Extraction of micro and nano fibers from natural resources

· Characterization of biopolymers for coatings

· Bioethanol production from agro based materials

· Microbial fuel cells


Research Assistant, Post Doctoral, Centre for Biocomposites and Biomaterials Processing, University of Toronto.

·  Developing a data base on the biomass flow in a pulp mill for a bio-  refinery
implementation plan.

· Developing a new biocomposite for automotive applications using resin infusion processing.


Research Assistant, Doctoral Candidate, University of Toronto.

· Characterizing natural fibers and polymers.

· Developing natural fiber composite manufacturing processes.

· Performing characterization methods such as DSC, SEM, and IGC. 

· Performing mechanical tests such as tensile, flexural and impact tests.

· Developing programming codes for simulation of heat transfer and kinetics.

· Simulating heat transfer and kinetics using finite element analysis software.




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