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Parameter estimation and characterization of a single-chamber microbial fuel cell for dairy wastewater treatment

In this study, for the first time, the conduction-based model is extended, and then combined with Genetic
Algorithm to estimate the design parameters of a MFC treating dairy wastewater. The optimized parameters
are, then, validated. The estimated half-saturation potential of 0.13 V (vs. SHE) is in good agreement
while the biofilm conductivity of 8.76  104 mS cm1 is three orders of magnitude lower than
that previously-reported for pure-culture biofilm. Simulations show that the ohmic and concentration
overpotentials contribute almost equally in dropping cell voltage in which the concentration film and
biofilm conductivity comprise the main resistances, respectively. Thus, polarization analysis and determining
the controlling steps will be possible through that developed extension. This study introduces
a reliable method to estimate the design parameters of a particular MFC and to characterize it.

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